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Your support of AntlerSports.TV enables the Tivy Athletic Booster Club to live stream, record, and create highlight films for all Tivy Antler sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track, and more. Not only are the games enjoyed live, but they are available to replay over and over, providing a keepsake and wonderful set of memories for all of these student athletes. The entire community rallies around high school sports in support of these students, creating a huge viewing audience for these broadcasts. Your company or organization's support of our broadcasting efforts enables all of this!


Various advertising and sponsorship options are available for almost any budget. Here are our current offerings:

Package NameDescriptionNumber AvailablePriceExposure
Spring Season Pass30-second advertisements for all late fall and spring sports. At least two 30-second spots per game; website sponsor carousel; host-read thanks to sponsors.15$2,50090 spots per semester. Thousands of viewers per semester.
Highlight Reel SponsorDisplay your logo, tagline, and 30-second spot before, during, and after a custom highlight reel following EVERY game from the sport you select. Choose from boys or girls basketball, boys or girls soccer, baseball, or softball.6$1,000Highlight reels play during pregame shows and half-times of all sports broadcasts. Also released online to a local audience of thousands of fans.
Player Intro SponsorDisplay your logo, tagline, and 30-second spot before, during, and after a custom green-screen player intro segment and/or starting lineups before each game within that sport. Choose from boys or girls basketball, boys or girls soccer, baseball, or softball.6$750Player intros are displayed during every pregame of the sport you choose. Also released online to a large fan base.
Single Game Presenting SponsorDisplay your logo prominently throughout an entire game of your choosing; two 30-second spots during this game; host-mention thanks to our presenting sponsor; slide deck appears coming out of each break.40$250Shown throughout a single game in real time and on-demand
Pregame SponsorLogo displayed prominently throughout the pregame show; at least two 30-second spots run during pregame show; slide deck and host-mentions during pregame.40$150Shown throughout pregame of a single game in real time and on-demand.


Sample broadcast of a football game. Game begins at approximately 1 hour into the broadcast.

Sample of a highlight video.

Sample of a player intro / starting lineups video.

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When you're ready, please call/text Aaron Yates at 830-214-7635 or fill out the contact form below. Thank you for your consideration!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people actually view the broadcasts?

The wonderful thing about live streaming is that it's actually possible to track viewership accurately. When compared to other forms of media advertising like newspaper, radio, or traditional television, it's difficult -- if not impossible -- to know how many people were actually exposed to a show. Thanks to the incredible analytics offered by our live streaming software, we know a great deal about our viewers on every broadcast.

As of late October 2021, having been on the air with eight football games and three volleyball games, we have measured over 24,000 viewers. What is a viewer? A viewer is a person who accesses the broadcast by playing the video. A viewer might be an individual person or a group of people gathered around one device -- such as a watch party at a friend's house.

Let's look at some stats about an individual broadcast -- Homecoming 2021. This live stream started with the volleyball game that began at 5:00 PM, then moved over to the football stadium at 6:00 PM for crowning of homecoming king and queen, and then the football game kicked off at 7:00 PM. Here are some stats about this broadcast:

  • 3,713 people viewed at least some of the show
  • At our peak, we have 406 viewers watching simultaneously
  • Viewers consumed over 888 HOURS of streaming video during this show
  • The overwhelming majority of viewers logged in from Texas, but we also had viewers in 27 other states
  • The biggest group of viewers were from Kerrville, with Floresville also making up about 10% of the viewership (Floresville was the football opponent that night)
  • The vast majority of viewers used a phone or similar device to consume the stream -- about 78%
  • Of those mobile phone users, 75% were iPhone users
  • Other viewers using a desktop computer, tablet, or TV app (like Roku) to access the stream, in descending order of usage.

Up to now, very little has been done or spent to increase viewership. These viewers come to us organically. As we roll out our larger streaming productions this spring, we will be promoting the broadcasts and doing all we can to ensure that everyone knows about and has access to our broadcasts.

Will I receive viewership reports?

Yes indeed. All of our advertisers will receive a report on a weekly or monthly basis to document how well their ads are doing with viewers. This report will include the number of viewers, their geography, and their device of choice, similar to the report about homecoming given above.

How do I know my ads have actually run?

Don't just take our word for it. Since all of our broadcasts will be available for on-demand viewing, you can check our work! We make the promise to deliver what you've paid for, but you can check up on us for yourself. We encourage our advertisers to tune in and to promote these broadcasts to their customers. The more eyeballs the better for all of us!

What if I don't have a 30-second video advertisement yet?

We'll be happy to produce one for you. We offer our advertising clients discounted rates on production. Aaron Yates and have been producing television-style advertisements for over ten years, and we'll be happy to work with you to get your video ready to go. And these ads can be used for other purposes, too! Play them on your own social media and web pages, or anywhere else you advertise.

You can also create your own ad, if you like. Services like, or even Power Point have good video capabilities to turn images or video clips into polished advertisements. Ask us how!

Do you have a payment plan, or is all of the money due up front?

For our "Season Pass" advertisers, we're happy to offer a monthly payment plan. That $2,500 plan covers six months (November through April), so we'll simply divide $2,500 by 6, and you have the option to pay just $417 per month.

For the smaller packages, we ask that they be paid up front. But if you might have difficulty with that payment, please just give us a call, and we'll work something out.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

All payments are made to the Tivy Athletic Booster Club, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. You'll need to talk to your accountant to ensure that your contribution to this nonprofit is tax-deductible.

How does this benefit the student athletes?

Great question! The booster club raises money for lots of purposes, all of which directly benefit the athletic programs and athletes. Recent examples include building the new jumbotron at the football stadium, buying weather shelters for the soccer programs, providing shooting systems for basketball, and so much more. Live streaming is expensive, and the booster club has been providing this service without a revenue stream since early 2020. By asking sponsors to offset the costs, money that would have been spent on streaming expenses now goes directly to the athletic programs. Your contribution ensures that the athletes get the benefit of all of these contributions to the booster club!

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